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 Adding PHD.Email Cloaker v 1.1


PHD.Email Cloaker isn't really a module.  It's a utility you can add to your site to hide email addresses from automatic sweeps by spammers.

I bought the module for $9.95 from Snowcovered on August 19, 2006.   This module comes with a good help file.

There are 2 steps to using this utility.
1.  Upload the dll file to the bin folder on the parent portal.

2.  Add one line of code to the web.config file in the root folder.    (There are three different choices of cloakers included in the package, so you have to pick one and use that code in the web.config.


1.  Buy the program and download it.   Unzip the file in a known location.  (I put my downloads in a folder named 'downloads' so I can easily find them.)


2.  Open the Readme.htm file and read the instructions.  Decide which of the 3 types of cloaking you want to use.



3.  Upload the file named PHD.EmailClaoder.dll to the /bin folder off the portal root using your FTP program..



4. Download a copy of web.config from the root folder of the portal.


5. Edit the web.config using Notepad or some other editor to add a line under  the <httpModules>section to specify which cloaker you want to use. 


In this case, I selected the Javascript version.  The exact line of code to add for each version is included in the instructions file.








6.  Save the file, then upload the modified web.config file with your FTP program (in this case I used WS_ftp) to the portal root folder.


7.  That's all there is to installation.    I'm  not sure how you know if it's working or not....but, one can always hope that the spam will miraculously decrease.