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 Adding a Domain Name to a Child Portal


You've created a child portal under the parent portal named something like http://myparent.com with a name something like http://myparent.com/duh4.

You want to give the child a full domain namd and (in this example) access the child portal using the URL http://duhnetnuke4.net.    You have to set an alias for that URL for the child portal.

You must have already
(1)  purchased the domain name  (try http://enom.com)  and
(2) the domain name must be  pointed to the PARENT portal root folder.    [You may need to have your hosting company do this part.  The child domain name needs to point to the PARENT (root) folder.  The DNN parent will do the redirecting to the child portal.  Don't point the domain name to the child folder]

1.   Log on as Admin.   From the Admin menu, select Site Settings.


2.  Scroll to the bottom of the Site Settings page to the Portal Aliases section.  Click on  Add New HTTP Alias.


3.  Enter the name of the domain you want to use for the child portal.   Then click Update.


You will then see the URL you entered on the list.  


4.  Enter additional names by clicking Add New HTTP Alias.   You may want to enter the domain name both with and without the  www. .  Click Update when completed.


5.  Click Update on the Site Setting Update link above the Portal Alias section.    The child portal will now be accessible by all the URLs on the list assuming you have registered the domain name and it is pointed to the parent portal root folder.


6.  Browse to the new URL.     
You may or may not get the portal to come up at this point.   If it's a new registration, it can take up to several days for the name to propagate through the system, although this domain was functional within minutes!     You can keep browsing to it intermittently.   If it hasn't appeared in a day or so, there is probably some problem.   Call your hosting service for assistance. 

You will still be able to access the child portal using the original URL ....somthing like http://myparent.com/duh4.