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 Upgrading DNN 4 Minimize

The 'instructions' for how to Upgrade from one DNN4 version to another were not in the zip file.

I don't have direct access to the server, so I couldn't just unzip the file to upgrade from 4.7 to 4.8.2.

This worked.

IN CASE IT DOESN'T......good idea to back up your portal BEFORE you upgrade.   *Not responsible for disasters!*

1.  Download the Upgrade zip file version from and save it somewhere you can find it.  I have a 'downloads' directory where I routinely put things so I can find them.

Download the DNN upgrade file

2.  Unzip the file in a folder on your computer.  In this case, I created a folder called 'upgradednn482'.  You will see a directory structure similar to what's on the server.

 Unzip the DNN upgrade file in a new folder

3.  FTP all the files and folders to your portal root (overwriting the existing files/folders).  There is no file in the zip named web.config, so your web.config won't be overwritten (otherwise you'd have to add all the connection strings and stuff again.....argh!)

FTP the files and folders to your portal

4.  Browse to your portal.     The updates will occur and you will see this screen displayed if it was successful.  

Browse to your portal to upgrade the site