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Importing and Exporting IndooGrid Grids
Jill Johnson  5/17/2009

It's very easy to export an Indoogrid structure to use as a backup or to duplicate a grid as a starting point for another grid.    These files are also useful to share with others for troubleshooting or collaboration.  With the exported  text file and information on data structure, someone else can totally recreate your grid.  I've gotten in the habit of exporting things intermittently as part of site backup.    Exporting the grid structure does not back of the content of the database, only backs up the grid structure.

Here's a link to a PDF version of this tutorial.


The exports are XML text filesthat contain information for all the settings for a grid.  If you want to duplicate a grid with all the settings you have customized, you can export it, then import it into a new grid and have a new copy to work with.

1.  Open Table Settings for the grid you want to backup. 


2.  Click on 'Import/Export' link near the top of the Table Settings page.


3.   On the dialog page that opens, click on 'Download file here' link.    


4.Click Save.


5.    Depending on your browser, this will either  prompt you to select a name and location to save the file, or go ahead and save it automatically under the name data.txt.   RENAME the file something descriptive and save it in some known location, otherwise each download will potentially overwrite the file because the default name is always data.txt.


6.  Click Finish after downloading the data file.




1.   Add a new Indoogrid module to a page.


2.  Open TableSettings for the new grid.


3.  Click the Import-Export link


4.  In the dialog page that opens, click the Browse button next to the Import settings (file) box and browse to the location of the xml file that contains the grid structure information. 


5.  Click Import to import the grid structure.


6.  A warning dialog box will appear that says that importation is irrevocable, and asks for confirmation of your intention.    To import the grid structure, click OK.

7.  After importation, the page should reflect that the import was successful.   Click Finish.



8.  The new grid will now have an identical structure to the one you imported.


The grid will look and function just like the grid from which the XML file was generated.


Importing a grid structure can save a lot of time setting up a grid with similar characteristics.  The importation step does not create database tables.  Those must exist or be created separately.