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Passing URL Parameters in Indoogrid  (4/30/09)

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One way to pass URL parameters....I'm certain it's not the only way, maybe not even the best way, but it is A way that might get you started.

The Situation: 

I have an editGrid (named Start Survey) where I am entering values into a table (named gh_Survey).   After I enter data into this form and 'insert', I want to pass the uniqueID field value (named surveyID) and another field value (named SurveyHorse) from this editGrid to a second editGrid on another page (named Owner Information) and save the passed values along with the other values on that form in another table (named gh_Owner).

1.  You must have a field in each table with the same name and data type.  
In this case, I have two variables I want to pass, surveyID (int) and surveyHorse (nvarchar)

In the SENDING grid

The surveyID field doesn't show up in the field list of this grid because it's the unique key ID field but SurveyHorse does.

 In the RECEIVING grid, both fields are in the field list:

1.  Open the Table Settings page in the SENDING grid.

2.  In the sending grid (in this case, Start Survey), enter the page URL of the receiving grid in the 'Redirect to URL' box under GridEdit settings.  Only enter the page URL, not any of the URL parameters you want to pass.  

Hint:  Browse to the page where the receiving grid is, and cut and paste the URL from the Address box, then paste it in the Redirect to URL box.

Hint: If the receiving grid is on the same page as the sending grid, you can enter [Indoogrid:currentURL] in the 'Redirect to URL' box to send it to the same page.

3.  Check the 'Advanced Options' checkbox at the bottom of the GridEdit section to expand the boxes.

4.  In the 'Add Parameters to GridEdit redirect URL' box, add the parameters you want to pass to the receiving grid.  This is where the actual variables are entered that will become part of the URL.  In this example, two different indoogrid tokens will be used to specify what data will be passed to the receiving grid.  

There is an indoogrid token that specifically calls the uniqueID key of  the grid.  The syntax for this token in this case is the following....where SurveyID is the unique key field:


There is another indoogrid token which will pass the  value of a column (field).   The syntax for this token in this case is.....where SurveyHorse is the name of the column that contains the variable to pass as a parameter.


If you are passing more than one parameter, separate the parameters with a comma.

5.  Click 'Update' to save the changes.

That's all you need to do on the SENDING grid side.   Now you need to prepare the RECEIVING grid.


6.  Open the Table Settings on the receiving grid (the grid you are passing the parameters this case Owner Information.)


2.  Locate the fields that will accept the variables being passed to the grid. In this case, SurveyID and SurveyHorse.   One at a time, click on the blue pencil in the field list next to the field name to modify the fields to accept the URL input. 


3.  Navigate by clicking Next to the 2nd screen for each field.  

4.  Accept the defaults for the first screen unless you need to change them for other reasons.

 5.  On the second screen (below),  check 'Allow URL Input' and 'Use field value as default value only'.


6.  Accept the defaults on the 3rd screen.


7.  Save your changes by clicking 'Update'.



 Now I will enter data into the first Edit Grid, and pass these two values to the second grid.  The SurveyHorse variable is circled.   The surveyID is the unique key which is autoamatically assigned, so there is not data entry field.



This is the URL, with the parameters circled that is created by the EditGrid and passed to the receiving grid.


You can see the passed parameters displayed in  the receiving grid.


Soon, I'll demonstrate how I passed these  variables as parameters to a 3rd grid using different syntax than these  indoogrid tokens.  Check back later.

Jill Johnson
jillymc at