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 IndooGrid Editorial

Sometimes us newbies beat our head against the brick wall, when if someone would only point out that there is a door right next to us that we could walk  through, it would save us a lot of headaches.

I didn't invent the wheel, but if I find it, I'd like to share it, not require he next poor schmuck to suffer the same headaches.  Sometimes software developers forget to tell us things as simple as to first turn the key!

1.  Installation
This process is 'routine' and straightforward and smooth and is well described in the manual (and on lots of DNN sites).

2.  Add module to page

This process is 'routine'.  Make  a page.  Add the module from the dropdown list.


You are instructed to 'Set table settings'.
You click on the link and open the page and are faced with up to 100 settings depending on the number of fields in your table (and that's just on the FIRST PAGE!  OMG!  How do I know which ones to check?!  I have no frame of reference.)

Well, maybe if you don't have a frame of reference, or know the lingo, you should go get a computer science degree and pay your due to get into the club.  (Just kidding......I don't have any such credentials!)   I agree that you do have to have some background to have any business trying to use this module, the question is how much?  I think with a little more instruction you'll see how incredible this module is.  But, you may give up after the first page.

I rented a car once.  It was nearly out of gas.  I went to the gas station to fill up, and I could not figure out how to release the gas flap to put in gas.  That's a pretty simple task, but if you don't know where the lever is, or even that there IS a lever, you aren't going to get much farther.   Should I be driving if I can't even open the gas flap to fill up the tank?  It has nothing to do with my driving ability, or the reasons I was driving in the first place.   I'm not dumb, just uneducated. 

For those of use who are just learning to fly, the cockpit of a Cesna 150 is daunting.  The cockpit of a 747 is absolutely overwhelming.  

Enter IndooGrid.

There are a lot of gauges and dials in the cockpit that novices don't need (at the beginning) but the challenge is to know which are critical now and which ones you'll need sometime.

I HAVE to have an overview before I can lean the details.  That's my learning style.  I felt like that was missing in the manual.

The authors have done many things to help us with our first flight in their demo's but I found the instructions still assumed that the pilot had to have already earner his/her pilot's license.    But, it wasn't as bad as some modules, which don't have much of any instructions other than to point out how the airplane can fly.

A lot of us can learn to fly.  A lot of software authors are not interested in teaching  'How  To Use Module 101' and don't want to waste their time teaching TRUE newbies, and their talents are probably wasted doing that.  After all, they are builders, designers, improving a road. a machine, which is something most of us can't do.

Indoogrid does provide a 'try before you buy' version of their module which works on localhost.  I applaud them for that!  And, they have great demos to show what can be done.

The instruction manuals (about 250 pages) would have to be longer to include the equivalent of 'Indoogrid for Dummies'.