Picking the table (or view) Minimize

IndooGrid is like a maze.  Click a check box or wizard (the little magic wand icon) and a secret passage opens to new dialog boxes.   Sometimes you don't know what you'll find, or how to get back to it!

The images below are purposely large to try and convey the location of various features in relation the very long list of items on the page.

After establishing a connection to your database (which, if you have your table in the DotNetNuke database is done for you), you have to pick the table (or view) you want to display as a table (grid) or whose records you want to edit in a form.

 Open the Table Settings link on your IndooGrid module.

1.  To pick the table, click on the Table wizard. [#3. on the image below]


2.   The default is 'Select existing table'.   Click Next.   The tables and views in the database will all be listed.  Highlight the one you want to use and click next.


3.  You will now see the name of the table you selected in the dialog box.


4.  Click on the Unique Key Column wizard.   In most tables this finds the key field.  In views, sometimes you have to enter the unique field by name.  

Once you have made selections in these two fields, a NEW choice appears (#5) that allows you to add all the fields in the table you just selected.   Click 'Automatically add all columns'.


5.  All of the fields will now appear in TWO places on the page (see the blue shaded areas):   One under the gridView Settings and the other under the GRIDEDIT settings further down the page.   These sections LOOK quite a bit alike and  I am repeatedly working in the wrong section.  Some distinguishing feature like a color change or even horizontal rule to break up these sections on the page would be a big help.  I've added the blue dotted lines in these images to highlight the different sections.  So, be aware that there are TWO different sections.


6.  Click Update at the bottom of the page.


7.  You will now see a grid display of the data in your table (which is why it's nice to have some dummy data in the file so you can get instant gratification.   


Because we just left all the default settings, all this grid does is display a grid.   But, at least we know THIS MUCH works.  We can now go back and make the changes we need to set different functions or appearances of the grid.