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I was looking for a tool to help me write an 'application'.  I needed a module that would allow me to create a table in the DNN database, create forms to stuff data into the table, and then allow me to pull data back out and display it  in varioius ways. 

I looked at several  modules I thought might have that functionality (that were within my comprehension level....which is pretty meager), and seriously tried two (UniversalList and IndooGrid).   This chronicle is about my experiences with IndooGrid.

If I misrepresent something about this module, I apologize.  It's probably because I (still) don't understand how it works and just blundered through by blind luck.

Here are some of the things even I could do with Indoogrid.

  1. Create a table in the DNN database (although I ended up creating tables in Access 2007 and upsizing)
  2. Create a form to enter data into that table (in fact, I created lots of customized forms for the same table so that different users could enter their appropriate parts of the data)
  3. Create dropdown lists from look-up tables for use in the forms
  4. Create a grid to display data from that table showing only the fields (columns) I wanted
  5. Write SQL WHERE statements to limit the records displayed in the grid
  6. Create a mostly 'printer-friendly' report from the details page to output a 'form letter' using regular HTML
  7. Save the module settings from a grid I created (in the form of a txt file called a template). 
  8. Recreate an entire module using the template file I saved at the touch of a button  The templates serve as a backup for all the settings on the module so I didn't have to go through all the dozens of setting again.    

Indoogrid installs like a regular module.  When logged on as host,  find  Module Definitions  under the Host tab.    At the very bottom of the page is a link that says 'Install New Module'.  Click that and follow the prompts.  Basically you browse to the zip file, click install, and that's it.   You will then see IndooGrid listed on the dropdown list of Modules when you have the control panel displayed.

When you add the module to a page,  a blank container is displayed with a link to Table Settings. Table Settings is the cockpit for the module.....but at first glance it will seem like a Boeing 747.   You are, on the first page, presented with over 40 different options!!  Some end up being a lot more important than others, but it's not obvious at first glance which ones those are.  It's also not clear whether you actually have to 'set' all these things, or whether just going with the default will at least get you through.

There is a 150 page manual with the module.   My advice, if you you decide to learn this module, is to print it out.   It's got some pretty good examples, just not enough of them.